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House Clearance Bolton

Whether you want to clear the entire house or remove single items such as pieces of furniture, Waste Away are here for you. Our house clearances Bolton service will get to you in record time from the minute you book an appointment with us. Are you anxious about losing a piece of priceless furniture or item? No need to worry because we can always have that rehomed.

Our team will deliver to your home bins for non-recyclable and recyclable materials where the waste will be processed. We help you clear your house by collecting only what you require us to, including furniture, wood, fibreglass, concrete, metals, and plastics. House clearance can be an overwhelming experience. You do not have to do it all by yourself. We are your trusted partner in providing a hassle-free Bolton house clearance experience.



House Clearance in Bolton Tips

When starting to remove rubbish from your home or property, it can seem like a daunting and unmanageable task. However, by keeping in mind these few simple tips, it is now even easier than ever for our customers to ensure your house clearance can be done as quickly and stress free as possible.


Create a Plan

Clearing a house can sometimes feel like a challenging task, so it is a good idea to create a plan first. To begin with, decide how much time you want to allocate to the clearance process so that you do not feel panicked or rushed. A sensible idea is to clear each room in order, from the top of the property to the bottom. That way you can be sure that nothing gets missed or left behind. Although it is possible to clear a small space by yourself, it is often a better option to ask for help from friends and family where possible in order to speed things up.


Separate Items

Before removing any items, it is important to separate everything into categories. This will help make the house clearance Bolton process so much quicker and straightforward and also help with keeping costs low too, as fewer removal trips will be needed. Try using boxes or labels to decide which items are rubbish, recycling and which may need to be moved to a new location. This can be done fairly quickly as you move from room to room, and means sorting through items for the final clearing phase will be so much easier.


Evaluate and Donate

As you start to separate your items, you may discover some hidden treasures and items of real value. These can either be kept, or can always be sold to make a profit. Many people end up with unnecessary clutter and items that they may not need or use anymore, but that could be of use to someone else. Check out your local area to see where you can donate items such as old clothes, electronics, books and even larger furniture and utility items too. Some larger charities, such as the British Heart Foundation, may even come and collect these items for you at no added cost. Separating items and then evaluating and donating them before hiring a professional service will also help to keep the price down when it comes to the final stages of rubbish removal.


Choose a Professional Service

When clearing out a house or other property, it is essential to always use a professional clearance service. A reputable company will never ask for any kind of payment in advance, so always steer clear of any company who may try and charge this type of fee. Only a professional house clearance service will be licenced to dispose of all waste correctly, so you can have complete peace of mind that all your rubbish and unwanted items are being disposed of or recycled appropriately, with no unnecessary landfill visits. A professional clearance services will also be sure any mess is cleared from all homes before departing, helping to make the whole house clearance process as smooth and stress free as possible.

If you are a homeowner, a tenant who pays rent or a landlord that has multiple properties or houses in need of our house clearance services in Bolton, call us now for a free no obligation quote and further information.

Other services that we provide are rubbish removals, garden clearances & asbestos removal.



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