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Rubbish Removal Service vs Skip Hire in Rochdale

Whether you’re carrying out renovation work, clearing the garden or decluttering your home or business, it’s surprising how quickly you can accumulate a huge mound of rubbish. The only alternative to making endless trips to the local tip is to have your rubbish removed privately. But which scheme should you choose, skip hire or rubbish removal service?


What is Skip Hire?


A skip is a large metal container that’s placed in your garden or on the carriageway outside your property. It’s up to you to load in the rubbish while remembering to take care when lifting heavy objects. There’s usually a pre-determined collection date and you have to wait until then for your skip to be collected and taken away. Your fee will be the same even if the skip’s only half full.


Skip Hire Rules


To hire a skip you’ll need a permit from the Rochdale Borough Council. It costs approximately £30 or more and takes around four days to be issued. A skip hire company will often obtain the permit on your behalf and then include its cost in your fee. The permit lasts from one to twenty-eight days, so if you require more time to fill the skip, another permit will have to be obtained, increasing the cost of your fee. In Rochdale, you’re only allowed one skip at a time. If you have an excessive amount of rubbish to clear, you’ll have to wait for one skip to go before taking charge of another.


What is a Rubbish Removal Service?


A rubbish removal service in Rochdale usually involves a two-man team and a van. They’ll arrive at your home at a pre-arranged time and will immediately begin loading the rubbish. You don’t have to do anything, but admire how quickly and efficiently experienced rubbish removal experts operate. They’ll use teamwork to safely transfer bulky items into the van and they’re happy to work outside or indoors. When finished, they’ll even sweep up any remaining debris to leave your premises tidy. From a single item to a large house clearance, you’ll only be charged for the rubbish that’s been removed.


Advantages of Rubbish Removal Service


You don’t have to apply for a permit of any kind when you use a registered waste carrier to remove your rubbish. You can arrange for an experienced team to visit at a time that suits you and there’s often no waiting as many rubbish removal experts offer a same day service. In some instances, you don’t even have to be present. If your load is exceptionally large, arrangements can be made for more than one visit. And you have the reassurance that up to 90% of removed rubbish is taken to a recycling centre, easing the burden on overflowing landfill sites. When you use a convenient and flexible rubbish removal service, it’ll be fast, efficient and cost-effective.

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