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Asbestos Removal

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Asbestos Removal Manchester


Highly skilled professional workforce

Asbestos and other dangerous substances can have a devastating effect on the environment we live in, so it’s reassuring to know you can trust Waste Away to provide a safe and efficient asbestos removal Manchester service. All asbestos is disposed of in the correct manner by our professional fully trained workforce.

Asbestos has increased toxic properties and can become a carcinogen when it’s in poor conditions. Damaged asbestos is harmful to your health because you can inhale fibres and small particles which affect your lungs. It can take up to several years before you present symptoms of asbestos intoxication such as mesothelioma or asbestosis.

Our team of reliable and friendly asbestos experts are capable of helping with any asbestos situation.

 Our asbestos removal services include:

  • Asbestos Garage Removal Manchester
  • Asbestos Removal Specialists
  • Asbestos Surveys
  • Asbestos Cement
  • Full Project Management

We have expertise working in most environments and pride ourselves in operating to the highest of standards. Our operations are continuously audited to ensure that the highest standards are achieved.

Fully trained staff

Our fully trained expert staff can help with removing asbestos from both domestic and commercial properties.

  • Corrugated garage roof
  • Barns
  • Artex ceilings
  • Textured coating
  • Floor tiles
  • Boarding
  • Pipe lagging

Our team is waiting to manage your asbestos removal project. So if you need to get rid of that potentially dangerous substance get in touch today for a free quote.

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Asbestos Disposal Manchester

Although builders haven’t used asbestos since the early 1980s, many homes still comprise asbestos in their structure’s insulation, ceilings, sidings, and other parts. So, when homeowners renovate or redesign, they should first examine the structure’s composition.

Specialsed asbestos removal companies Manchester can perform an asbestos survey to identify whether the compound is present in your home’s structure. A licensed professional knows how to handle asbestos products causing no harm to you or the environment.

Commercial Asbestos Removal Manchester


Any business where employees may come across asbestos items or materials should implement an asbestos disposal plan. You can identify which products include asbestos and secure proper procedures for safe handling.

Also, your employees should never attempt to remove asbestos on their own. The process should involve asbestos specialists who have specialised training and equipment.

Asbestos Removal Manchester

How To Protect Yourself From Asbestos Intoxication

If your home’s structure dates to the 1980’s, it may contain asbestos in the floor or ceiling surfaces, the attic insulation or in your piping system.

In emergency situations, people can protect themselves from asbestos inhalation by wearing special masks which cover the mouth and nose. A home kit should include masks for each member of the family and in the office, each employee should have a mask available. An asbestos kit will also include bottles of water. It’s important that people keep hydrated during asbestos emergencies.

Hiring Waste Away’s specialists to remove asbestos from your site is the safest and wisest decision. We’ll test your building to identify the toxic substance and follow strict processes in removing the harmful mineral. After determining the work area and the required works, we’ll make an accurate cost assessment.

Once you agree with our offer, we’ll proceed to map out a detailed plan to ensure decontamination and prevent any harmful intoxication.

Waste Away’s asbestos removal Manchester specialists will clean the site and dispose of the asbestos waste in sealed containers. Our operations respect the highest standards in the industry and ensure fully integrated asbestos disposal services. Our secured vehicles transport the waste to specialised centres where it’s processed.

Waste Away guarantees full project management from A to Z including all the steps which will lead to a 100% asbestos-free site. We continuously train our staff and keep them up to date with the latest technologies involved in asbestos disposal procedures.

Our Promise

Wasteaway have an environmentally committed track record which means you can be assured that all activities are carried out in compliance with the requirements of the Waste Management Acts, all relevant Health and Safety legislation and codes of practice.

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