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Asbestos Removal Bolton

Asbestos contains chemical properties that can expose your health to risks such as mesothelioma, cancer, and asbestosis. Asbestosis was commonly used as a construction material due to its properties that included being fireproof. But not anymore. Today, asbestos can be found in old constructions. However, if exposed to human and injected into the body by inhaling fibres, asbestos can be fatal. If you come across or suspect the existence of asbestos in your site, give us a call for asbestos removal companies. With our team of professionals, we guarantee you safe removal of asbestos using our modern equipment and technology. Our team of experts is not only friendly but also skilful in customer care services to ensure that they best handle any asbestos disposal Bolton with the care it deserves.

Asbestos has been banned in the UK since 2000, but was once a popular construction material that can still often be found in roofing and ceiling insulations today. When asbestos stays intact, it will not pose any risk. However, once asbestos is disturbed, for example during renovations or demolition projects, the consequences can be deadly. Asbestos is a highly toxic form of microscopic fibres that can cause a range of very serious health conditions. If asbestos fibres remain in the air and are inhaled, they can lead to lung conditions including thickening of the pleural membrane, asbestosis, mesothelioma and even cancer. As the damage from asbestos exposure gets worse over time, you may become ill long after you have first been exposed. As asbestos can pose such a danger if not removed correctly, it is absolutely critical to always use a professional asbestos removal company. Here are some top tips to consider when it comes to asbestos removal.


Asbestos Survey

A professional asbestos and waste removal company will be able to carry out an initial survey in order to locate any areas possibly affected by asbestos. As asbestos can be present in a number of different locations, including floors, ceilings, around pipes or as part of boarding or texture coatings, it is important to find out where asbestos is present before trying to remove it. Asbestos can also be present in a range of different types of properties, from residential homes to commercial buildings, so using a professional company with the correct safety accreditation is of paramount importance. A professional surveyor will be able to take samples from different areas so that only the highlighted locations will need to be treated as part of the asbestos removal process.

Asbestos Removal

Once any asbestos has been located, there are a variety of different removal methods that can be used. If there is a high concentration of asbestos found, then most likely it will need to be removed by creating an airtight, controlled environment. This is often done by putting up a temporary structure around the affected area so it can be removed by professionals without causing any risk posed by any asbestos fibres escaping from the enclosed area. All professional asbestos removers in Bolton will always wear the correct personal protective equipment, such as masks, goggles, gloves and even breathing gear, in order to ensure they are protected during removal. Only professional asbestos removal companies with an accredited HSE safety licence will be able to carry out this level of highly skilled removal. Once removed, a professional contractor will be able to dispose of the asbestos safely. Whilst it is possible to take asbestos to the tip yourself, it is a better idea to let a professional dispose of it due to the highly hazardous nature of the material and the long term danger if any amount, however small, is accidentally inhaled.


Timescale of Asbestos Removal

The removal of asbestos can vary depending on the size of the property being treated and the level of asbestos found to be present. In general, most localised removals from a single roof or location, such as a garage, will normally take around a day or two to completely remove all asbestos. Larger buildings can take anything up to a week, but a professional asbestos removal company will always be able to provide an idea of the time it will take for your particular asbestos removal situation.


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