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Asbestos removal services in Manchester

For safe and efficient asbestos removal call Waste Away today on: 07800 941552 or 0161 773 5221

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Rubbish Removals Manchester

Waste Away offers dedicated rubbish removal services to Manchester’s community through fully integrated disposal solutions. Whether you’re refurbishing or redesigning your home, or renovating your office, getting rid of the rubbish can be stressful, time-consuming and expensive. So, Waste Away removes the burden by offering fast and efficient house clearance, rubbish removals Manchester and business waste management solutions. We’re not a typical waste disposal company, we’re fully engaged in our operations. That’s how we can guarantee extreme responsiveness. By booking an appointment, Waste Away’s team will visit your site and estimate the costs of removing unwanted materials. Our professionals use specialised equipment which allows them to dismantle any unwanted furniture or even parts of your garage. Also, if you own a business in Manchester, Waste Away can help you get rid of any unwanted products and clean up your office. Even if you’re a restaurant and want to refurbish your kitchen or dispose of extra food products, you can rely on our services. We’ll help you reclaim your office’s cleanliness and remove any abandoned products which are preventing your business from performing optimally. We’ll help your business achieve its social responsibility goals by guaranteeing a greener footprint. Stop wasting your time and money and give our expert team at Waste Away a call today!

Rubbish Removals Manchester

Our Services

Waste Away handles all the operations involved in removing rubbish from your home or office. Our team will assess the amount of waste to remove and provide an offer to you. If you agree to our affordable prices, we’ll get rid of your waste immediately. We’ll use special rubbish clearance Manchester bags and container bins to collect all waste from your home or office and you’ll enjoy a clean and clutter-free space. If you’re away and need a professional rubbish removal Manchester company, Waste Away is your answer. Letting waste build-up in your home will only lead to health problems. Waste decomposes after a certain period and releases toxic substances which when inhaled can cause health issues. Also, rubbish is a good shelter for mice and different insects. If you wait too long before removing waste from your home, you’ll be facing bigger problems. If you’re usually travelling, we can make arrangements and clean up your site before you return. House and garden clearance is our specialty and we handle everything from removing unwanted furniture to demolishing old garages in the safest possible conditions.

Waste Clearance

Looking for Waste Clearance Manchester? Waste Away will remove all unwanted waste from your property quickly and efficiently; at a fraction of the cost of hiring a skip.

House Clearance

We are a cost effective alternative to hiring a skip. We aim to offer same day collection, and once we collect it’s gone from your property for good.

Asbestos Removal

All asbestos is disposed of in the correct manner by our professional fully trained workforce. Our team of reliable and friendly asbestos experts are capable of helping with any asbestos situation.

Commercial Waste

Our reliable and friendly service will ensure your office, shop or factory is kept clean, tidy and waste free. 80% of the waste we collect is recycled, so you can rest assured your business is leaving a greener footprint.

Waste Away provide dedicated rubbish removal & waste disposal across Manchester and the surrounding areas, including:

Altrincham, Ashton, Blackley, Bolton, Bury, Cheadle, Chorlton, Didsbury, Leigh, Middleton, Oldham, Prestwich, Rochdale, Salford, Stockport, Stretford, Tameside, Tottington, Wilmslow & Worsley.

Waste Away will take your waste away in Manchester

We’re a local, friendly, reliable as well as cheap rubbish removals in Manchester service. For domestic and commercial waste, including asbestos removal, contact us today for more information.

Rubbish Removal Services

Waste Disposal

As well as general rubbish and junk, we know that people often have to get rid of perfectly good items for many different reasons, and nobody likes to see good stuff go to waste, so all the decent items and fire safe furniture we collect gets rehomed.

Garden Clearance

It doesn’t matter how big your garden is and how much waste it produces – we will gladly rid your property of all leaves, branches and removed weeds! Simply dial 07800 941552 and talk to our polite office staff. For your convenience, you can book us online as well!

Shed Clearance

There’s no garage or garden shed we can’t tackle – we will get down difficult pathways, through the garden, through rear gates or side gates and get to work. If necessary we will go through the house.

Why Choose A Professional Manchester Rubbish Removal Service?

Waste Away is a Manchester rubbish removal company which guarantees bespoke and highly reliable waste management solutions to homeowners and businesses. We offer fully integrated services and help you clean up the mess in record time. Whether you need help to dispose of unwanted furniture or items or need to demolish your old garage, our team will be there. Waste Away uses innovative technology and expertise to maximise waste removal processes and minimise any damages to your home, office or the environment. If you’re a business owner and want to prevent any damages to your revenue or establishment, Waste Away can help streamline your waste flow. You’ll never have to worry about your waste management again.   Handling hazardous substances such as asbestos is dangerous to your health. And if your home or your workplace contains the toxic mineral, you’re exposing yourself to diseases such as mesothelioma or asbestosis. So, your best approach is to call Waste Away and we’ll perform a survey of the site. If we identify asbestos in the building’s structure we’ll perform the procedures for safe removal. You should never attempt to remove asbestos on your own.   Waste Away’s team is available 24/7 to help you remove any waste in the safest and most efficient conditions. Just call Waste Away and say goodbye to trash.

Over 80% of collected waste is recycled!

Waste Away is available 7.00am to 10.00pm every day of the week.


Dependable Rubbish Collectors

From garden waste collection to garage demolition we are your dependable rubbish collection .experts in Manchester.

Registered and Licensed

We offer surplus business waste collection and we are registered and licensed waste collectors.

Quick and Efficient

For a quick and efficient house clearance service. Claim back your garage, loft and basement today.

Safely Asbestos Removal

We are prepared to safely remove any asbestos cement from your home or garden. Call us today.

Rubbish Removal Manchester Tips

Rubbish removal is a common problem for homeowners in Manchester. It’s a tedious and costly procedure and many residents struggle with waste disposal issues. However, rubbish removal is straightforward and simple if you have the proper help. Waste Away is your one-stop-shop for removing all rubbish and garbage off your property. With a few tips, you can optimise your waste management in record time and save on a removals Manchester service.

Avoid Rubbish Accumulation

When you’re dealing with excessive rubbish in your home, garden or at the office, various problems appear. The waste decomposes and releases unpleasant smells. Rubbish can become a great home for mice, insects and other pests. If you don’t get rid of your rubbish in time, you’ll be dealing with more problems than you can handle. So, stop wasting time and money and get in touch with our waste collection Manchester team today. We’ll come straight over and remove all the rubbish.

Burning Rubbish

If you’re considering burning your rubbish, check the local regulations in place. Different communities impose various rules and standards for burning rubbish. To avoid any unnecessary fines, check what the local council has to say. However, you can prevent any dangers by contacting Waste Away. We’ll immediately get rid of your rubbish and you won’t have to deal with it anymore.  

Reducing Your Rubbish Volume

Before you consider the best waste removal Manchester options, think about how you can reduce your volume of rubbish. You can reduce household waste in several ways including reusing different items or donating them. You can also recycle many items. So, sort your waste properly before disposing. Waste Away’s team can help you source, sort and remove all the rubbish from your home.

Door-to-Door Rubbish Removals In Manchester

You should never trust a doorstep rubbish removal pretender. They often choose elders as victims and use the service to disguise their true intentions. Just say NO and lock your door. You can easily book our rubbish removal team by just calling our centre and getting in touch with one of our agents. We’ll be with you in record time and get rid of all your rubbish.

Our Promise

Wasteaway have an environmentally committed track record which means you can be assured that all activities are carried out in compliance with the requirements of the Waste Management Acts, all relevant Health and Safety legislation and codes of practice. Please see all the locations that we serve here.

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